Aquarius New Moon 2019
Wed. Feb. 4, 2019.          Keywords: Hope, goodwill, inclusiveness
One of the great Astrologers (I think it was Marc Edmond Jones) made a big to-do about the four divisions of the
sky chart.  I seem to remember that he taught that a majority of planets on the Eastern side (the left side) of the
chart meant that the person was fairly well in charge of her or himself and her/his destiny.  With the majority of the
planets on the Western side (right side) of the chart; others were more in charge of her or himself and their destiny.

If that were true, one can see that others are more in charge of us at this time.  I think that is reasonable to see
right now, wouldn't you? I don't see our country in charge of ourselves at all at this time.  However, that's only a
feeling and it could be false.

We always have to remember that the "stars" impel, but do not compel. However that saying always made me
want  to look up those words and I'd rather say: the stars suggest, but do not insist; we can follow or resist.
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