Below is my birth chart.  One of the reasons that I believe so strongly in Astrology is that my chart shows the events of my life
exactly on time. I was 30 years old before I erected my birth chart for the first time and within a year or so of study with
fantastic teachers, I was able to see the pattern of my life unfold like a map before me. The first method of rectifying a chart is
to progress the midheaven by one degree a year to see what future aspects it makes to natal planets.

Another thing to notice when rectifying a birth chart is numbers.  On my chart there is a group of numbers in earth and water
from 26 to 28 degrees (loosely). They include Sun opposite Mars and Jupiter opposite Pluto.

My first task is to see what age occurs when I progress the 7 degree Scorpio Midheaven ahead to trine Pluto at 26 degrees,
sextile Jupiter at 27 degrees, conjunct Mars at 28 degrees and then oppose the Sun at 28 degrees 44' . To begin, I simply use
the degree numbers; I can be more precise with minutes later.

7 degree Scorpio Midheaven from 26 degree Cancer Pluto leaves 19 years.
7 degree Scorpio Midheaven from 27 degrees Capricorn Jupiter leaves 20 years.
7 degree Scorpio Midheaven from 28 degree Mars/Sun leaves 21 years.
So, we know that between 19 and 21 years of age, approximately, something(s) very important occured.

What occured during that period is that I quit college and took a horrible job that I hated (Midheaven trine Pluto), but shortly
met my husband (Midheaven sextile Jupiter), got married (Midheaven conjunct Mars), and had my first son (Midheaven
oppose Sun) all within 20 months.

On simple rectification I always start with the progressed Midheaven:  moving the Midheaven ahead by one degree a year
until it aspects a planet.  You'll notice that at age 3, my Midheaven progressed to oppose Uranus.  My sister was born.  Also, I
was sent to school by bus each day and went through the first grade at that tender age.  That was quite a Uranian
change/upset in my homelife! I could also play by ear all the hit parade songs of the day on the piano.  My Mom thought she
had a prodigy kid!  HAH!

Katherine de Jersey, from Chicago, had an interesting way of progressing and noting events with her clients (this was 30
years ago).  She would use a Table of Houses and find your Midheaven degree at the top of the page, put her finger on your
latitude of birth (which showed your approximate ascendant and count forward until it hit a planet in the first/seventh house
or squared a planet somewhere.  This was showing the secondary progression of the Ascendant.  It worked well.  My parents
divorce and my conversion to Catholicism were indicated by Ascendant opposition Pluto and conjunct Jupiter.

Today, we can get all the progressions we need by computer programs, but I still use connecting numbers in the progressed
Midheaven for quick simple rectification. Astrology does not always answer the question of "what is going to occur," but it
sure does tell WHEN!
One Degree a Year Progression of Midheaven
Rectification (Simple)