Happy New Year 2017
New Beginnings, BIG Events, Much political division still.
In Numerology, 2017 is a 1 Year, a bringer of new deals, events, and personalities in the news.  It will be a strange
year for many of us as we see things happen and continue that we haven't observed in a long time.  The old saying
is that "there is nothing new under the Sun."  Perhaps that is true, but they can be new to this generation.

So, before we throw the confetti and fire the crackers, we need to decide how we will greet the new deals that are
being presented. Are we going to fight, flight, or wait and see?  Perhaps all many of us will simply growl and
grumble.  That's nothing new.
Actually, it's groundhog day as I'm
writing this. As usual, I'm a bit late
in getting to my websites.  

Another day has passed and I'm no
closer to getting this page finished
as I was yesterday.  I've got a
bunch of pictures ready to put  up,
but no motivation; I'm hungry and
just don't feel like it.  But, I will turn
John's calendar over to February
and see what's on it! Ah, It's a
Crane!  I love it!
To the right of the crane is Elias with his giraffe
and to the right of Elias is Carmella (all packed
and ready to go somewhere fun.
Of course that's a earlier picture of Elias above
Carmella, but he sure has grown since then!
Carmella and her best Christmas present ever.             
-> The Angel and Joey Gagliardi family.   -> Isaiah and
the rocker Gramma Sue sent him for his birthday.
February = Susan & Sophia
Carmella ,Joe = March
Olivia, Lou, Len,
Len       Len,
<-- LEFT
Three little angels...
Bella, Elias, & Isaiah