2017_2 Continued
Aries~Taurus Birthdays.  Keywords:  Ram 'N Bull
Sat. 5/20/17. The kids took me on a Solaris Cruise for
my 80th birthday.  We had a great time! It was cloudy
with a light mist rain, but it kept us cool rather than
steamy! The grand and great grands were so much
fun!  Love them so much!
Above:  Angel, holding Elias, Bella, Isaiah and Joey.  
Such a beautiful family!

Right:  Carmella through the years! Ms. Ginger hair
Bella won a trophy for playing ball;
Elias and Isaiah share hugs!
A bit windy on Solaris, but we're having our drinks
and don't give a durn.
Great day for being on the water!
This is going back a month to Aries Birthday; my darling
Jesse, whose birthday is April 12th.  This picture was
taken a month earlier when Jesse was on a trip with her
Mom, Carol Joy.  Isn't she beautiful?  If I painted this, it
would be titled,
Bananas, Palms, Roses, and Lovely Lady.
Here Jesse is again as a
Halloween Unicorn
in 2016!