Leo New Moon Journal
Sun. July 23, 2017.   Keywords;  Love is in the Air!
August 1, 2017.  Here it is,  August already.  The mornings have been cool and it's only 81º at 11 AM.   I don't
know why I wrote, 'Love is in the Air' last week when I set up this page; must have been hallucinating!  It was
probably just too hot!             

I'm done with the Sabbath Communion; not any interest at all.  It makes me sad, but also relieved. I'm trying to get
out of most everything right now; I'm just overwhelmed with too much going on and too little time to do it all.

Rosemary Clark came back into my life last week.  I was so happy to hear from her; I've looked for her for years, but
couldn't find her.  She seems to be doing really well. I love that woman and really missed her.

I'm getting concerned about the eclipse coming at the end of August; I must look up what went on with me the last
time there was a 29 º Leo eclipse.

Thurs. Aug. 03, 2017.  OK I looked it up Aug 02, 1998.  I was 61 years old and I have no recollection of that year at
all.   It's really strange though,  I dreamed of my Mother last night and it was very sad; there must be unresolved
pain with me concerning her.  I hoped I was done with that, but guess not.  Anyway, I was having a party and many
people came with Mom among them.  I was in the bathroom in my terry cloth bathrobe putting on make up.  It was in
the Highland St house.  I came out of the bathroom and sat down on the right side of the bed.  Mom and a bunch of
men were sitting on the other side.  My robe kept opening and I kept tightening the belt to keep it closed. After the
men left, Mom said, "You were up to your old tricks; letting the men see you with that robe."  I was very upset and
hurt when she said that!  She then said,  "See they're over there discussing you and your slutty ways."

OMG, talk about a dream being real and hurtful.  I couldn't believe it and still can't.  I remembered this dream right
after day 16 of the Depak and Oprah meditation day on
one's purpose in life.  I thought, maybe my purpose was to
forgive my Mom and, maybe, myself?  But then I believe that I already had...   Then I remembered that the new deal
was not to forgive, but NOT to blame in the first place.  That is the new thought principle I advanced; No Blame!  
My purpose for this day was to dwell on that rather than forgiveness. (I guess.) I don't blame my Mom and I don't
blame me either.  Amen.

Funny afterthought:  Facebook asked a question; who is your guardian angel? The answer was,  MY PARENTS!!!
That really was apropos.

2:50 AM August 8, 2017.  Lilly woke me up at 12: 30 AM to take her out.  I haven't been able to go to sleep and a
few minutes ago I saw the Full Moon out my window; that did it!  I got up to look at the aspects.  

Lots went on yesterday:  I made an appointment with Dr. Angel who is now across the street and they will cancel
my appointment with Dr. Mayes and get my records. I also decided to go to Dr Brenda Moore and made an
appointment with her next Tuesday.