Happy New Year 2018
Feb.24, 2018.  February is nearly over and I'm just now getting to this new page of Happy New Year 2018. I get later
and later with this site, but I'm slower and slower at everything nowadays.

On February 1st Carol and I moved to Cincinnati together in a good sized apartment with my sister, Carol, living
across the street. I still haven't unpacked all my boxes and it's colder than a witches behind riding a broom in Siberia.

So much to talk about, but nothing to say; I leave with my first picture.  My sister and I on Valentine's day:
Aren't we cute? I'm glad to be with both Carols here in
Cincinnati, but February is not my favorite month here. It's
rained almost every day since we came and my dog does
not realize she has to poop outside yet.

I'll have more pictures of family, etc. soon.  But, just so you
know that I'm still alive and well even though frozen.

3_09_18.  I just received a picture on Facebook of my first
great grand-daughter, Carmella, and I have to make it the
first of my family's pictures.  She is absolutely beautiful,
kind, and loveable; a perfect great grandchild! I miss her
terribly as all my family I left behind in Florida and those so
far away in Houston, and other parts.
So, here she is, Ms. Theater herself, Carmella, best little
actress on the Emerald Coast. Tell her what to play and
she can make it come alive!

Nobody can resist her and she's got so much going for
her that her leadership in any venue is guaranteed!

She is my first great grandchild; what a thrill when she
was born...children are magical; grandchildren are so
much fun, but great grandchildren are like one's legacy
to the world. They are my and my husband's gift to the
planet and we sit back and glow in the pride of whatever
they are saying and doing and we have the time to do
so. Here is what we were, are, and will be; our blessings
and reason for being.
4/10/18:  Isiah, Bella, and Elias belong to my Grandson,
Joseph and his wife, Angel.  They are great parents and
we all in the family love these l'il guys and gal so much!

Two Grand~