Virgo New Moon Journal 2017
   Sat. Sept. 23, 2017.                Keywords: Autumn, School, pumpkins.
Fri. 9/22/17. 1st day of Autumn. The equinox; first day of Fall, School, study, sweaters, and scarfs. Here's
an interesting article on the equinox"
This has been a confusing time for me as the New Moon in Virgo is at 28º and Libra comes just two days later.  So
Autumn, which is associated with the Cardinal Sign of Libra, comes at the end of Virgo which goofs me up.  Of
course, these days, that isn't that hard to do.

Fri. 9/29/17. Another week has gone by; i still have no primary doctor and Dr. Mirrobel has left Sacred Heart
Cardiology, so I have no cardiologist either.  I feel abandoned.

Abandonment is one of my issues and I'm not unused to its pain; don't like it much either. I guess I'll keep being
abandoned until I "let it go!" A lot of trust and faith go into that process; I remember the older saying, "let go and let
God!" I remember, too, thinking, "Sure; and I'll get gut-punched again!" I still have a hard time trusting God; Father
Rohr would say that I haven't quite reached the 2nd half of life yet when there is no dichotomy between God and
me. Ok, enough philosophizing!